Ch2 page71

Hello, friends!
Here we are, at the end of Chapter 2... *sigh of relief*

It's been a really tiring but revitalizing experience for me, and I'm super excited to see how the story moves forward! Some years ago this was nothing but a dream.

Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure with your support and comments. And a big special thank you to Samantha, the editor who has helped me fix my numerous english mistakes and who's extremely caring and a huge help in everything always C:

I hope you've enjoyed the story so far!

Next week we start with the intermission special strips. I've picked some questions that vary from fun and lighthearted to hardcore plot, sweat and tears.
You've asked a lot of things that are an important part of the comic, so it's been really difficult to pick and come up with non spoilery but informative answers. I still need to pick the last ones.

Next week, when I've decided how long intermission will be, I'll be informing when Chapter 3 begins.

See you on Monday ;)!