Happy New Year 2016!

2015 was a year full of new experiences for me. I had the luck to start publishing with Hiveworks, and also had the chance to live in 4 different places and regions of my country. It's all been really demanding and tiring, but I've learned a lot professionally and personally, and have loved everything 2015 brought!

Thank you for your participation in the new year pic, and for your support and your patience with the comic when personal life has gotten in the way. You fill me with energy to keep improving and working hard. Awaken is something I'm extremely passionate about, so thank you very much for letting me share this story with you <3

Also a big special mention to the patrons who supported me on 2015!

I only have avatars of some of you, but you all mean a lot to me. Thanks for helping me create what I love :)

I hope 2016 is an incredible year and brings a lot of new accomplishments and good vibes for you, my friends and readers! As for me, there's is SO MUCH planned for Awaken on 2016. It's a bit overwhelming already, but I vow to give my best and make this comic grow more and more !

Hugs to all of you and happy 2016!!