Intermission: Fanart contest 2

(Just another fanart contest page, to avoid slow loading.)

From Sept 12th to Sept 22nd
This is an open-vote contest where the winners will get their fanart featured as fullsize updates on the site, along with links to their work/ site/ blog etc. + a commission from me. 3rd and 2nd place get a bust avatar, 1rst place gets a fullbody digitally painted commission.

Here are the rules:

  1. Submit your artwork as a comment in the pages reserved for the contest (like this one!)
  2. Your artwork MUST be 700px wide x 1050px height (click here for resizing tutorial) and feature any character(s) of Awaken.
  3. Traditional art, digital art, mixed media, animation gifs and comic strips are allowed.
  4. Pornography, gore, mature themes and bigotry are prohibited.
  5. Multiple entries with different artwork are allowed. Every entry is independent of the others, in case you submit more than once.
  6. Old artwork that wasn't made purposely for the contest is allowed too. Use the opportunity to share your fanart!
  7. The voting will be public and up to you! -You can upvote as many entries as you want. The 3 entries that get the most upvotes during the contest duration win.
  8. The submissions AND votes close on Thursday, September 22nd at 23:00 hrs EST. I'll screenshot, count the votes and present the winners.
  9. I reserve the right to moderate any comment/piece that's not suitable and also those which are unpolite towards other people.

Please vote based on both esthetic AND creativity, keep the comments section friendly, and don't bend the rules to take advantage from the contest system! You can share a link to your social media site along with your entry though!
The idea of this instance is to have fun and share, while I get some days off to prepare the new chapter, and incidentally, there's a little prize in return.

Other than that, make sure to follow me on social media and share your artwork there as well. I'll be reblogging and retweeting your pieces, and also offering help and answering any doubt you might have.

I've loved you creations so far, thank you for making this such a nice experience already :)!