Ch6 page 13

Hey friends!
Thanks for staying up even though the page came a little bit later than usual, I got caught up drawing something else and couldn't tear my hands away from it.

I've got a couple of good news for you :)
First, I recently reached that milestone on Patreon where I can get myself an assistant! This means I'll get someone to help me translate and prepare all the spanish files of the comic *sigh of relief* Thank you so much for supporting me and allowing me to get a helper.

Second, we're on our way to unlock a NSFW milestone on Patreon, which means I'll get to draw and share a bunch of hot stuff <3! If you're into that, you can check it out here. We're halfway+ there!

And lastly, next month's wallpaper will be free. A gift from me to you :)
Here's a sneak peek.

There was some fun DnD convo some time ago in the comments, so that woke up the hidden fantasy nerd in me and here we are :D! What do you think?

Thank you so much for your support and for reading Awaken :)!

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