Ch2 page65
Posted June 26, 2015 at 01:24 pm


There's only 2 more weeks until the end of Chapter 2 :O!
There'll be some news and changes on the site as we move on to Chapter 3, but for now I only need your attention on one thing:

INTERMISSION! I'll do one when the chapter ends (Thanks for the lovely idea to @Purphoros).
It will help me prepare the new features, revisit the script and get a small buffer of pages done before we start again. And maybe a couple of days off. maybe. probably not.

Intermission will contain the answers to your questions. I'll pick some that I find interesting and/or get more votes and/or give a better insight to the story without spoiling too much, and make short simple strips to answer them.
So yeah- If you ever wondered something about Awaken, the characters, plot, backstory, or whatever,
please write down your questions on the comments with @Flipfloppery so I won't miss them.

Don't be shy! Let's make this a fun intermission <3