(Contains spoilers!)

Ever flowing energy that permeates life. It’s usually invisible unless it clogs, or manifests as Ripples.

Manifestation of Flux interacting with a Field of Awareness. They manifest in accordance to the Flux user’s personality, experiences and will. Ripples leave trails behind and can adhere to valued objects, although they dissipate with time. There are 4 basic types of Rippling: A-Type, C-Type, R-Type and T-Type, but they can combine in different subtypes.

Field of Awareness (FoA):
Extent of a living individual, the FoA is the flexible space claimed by an individual.
It can vary in shape and size, and with training it can extend beyond the body of the subject to manipulate Flux or Ripple on a broader range. It can also be strenghtened to serve as a shield against physical objects as well as other people’s Fields and Ripples.
Fields can be damaged, causing physical and mental injuries to its owner. When a Field of Awareness is broken, there’s a high risk of dying. Dead persons no longer have a FoA.

Identity card given by the government of Nova to their citizens. It contains birth, family, residence, movement, academic, laboral, health, marriage, and financial registers.

Also referred to as “the hope of humanity”, Nova is an oligarchic Empire formed through the treaty of Kadingira after the Thorns War. Nova has the shape of a bullseye, and is divided in 9 concentric districts, surrounded by the Great Wall. Districts are organized hierarchically, being number 1 the most central, smallest and wealthiest one, while 9 is the poorest and is located on the periphery near the Great Wall.

Old Continent:
Land beyond Nova's Great Wall and outside of Nova. It is thought to be uninhabited and completely destroyed by the Punishments. In reality the Old continent is still inhabited, but it’s plagued by aberrations. (view map)

Aberrations are monstrous creatures attracted by high concentrations of Flux. There are different kinds of aberrations, classified by their size and behavior.