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Posted July 29, 2016 at 12:01 am

Hey friends!!
I'm a guest in Sparkler Monthly's Kickstarter !

Sparkler Monthly is a women targeted- LGBT+ friendly magazine, home of incredible creators and good friends of mine. They have tons of amazing titles such as Knights Errants, Orange Junk, Magical How, Tokyo Demons and many more, and they're on the last days of their Kickstarter to fund the 4th year of publishing and keep the magazine running.

And I've been invited to participate with a reward tier!!

I invite you to check out Sparkler's stories,
AND if you feel like getting yourself a pack of goodies from them + a colored couple NSFW allowed  commission drawn by me, I invite you to support their Kickstarter too.
I only have 2 slots left and the KS ends in 4 days!!!

Don’t miss your chance to get a really rare commission by me, and to help a great project fund its 4th year!!

Thanks :D!