Ch4 page 60
Posted August 3, 2016 at 01:00 am

Hey friends!
Today I have an incredible little news for you :D!!
The characters of Awaken have travelled all the way through dimensions into the indie game Long Gone Days!

Long Gone Days is a 2D Military RPG, set in a dystopian universe, which I highly recommend to check out if you’re enjoying Awaken! (click for demo here)

The game combines mechanics from other genres other than RPG, like visual novels, puzzles and shooters, and it’s super fun ‘cause you actually NEED to learn about your party and teammates, and talk to them in order to ensure they have high morale for battle!

Please give this awesome game a try, and if you enjoy it, I encourage you to support it on Indiegogo!

If the indiegogo campaign succeeds Piras& Co. (suprise surprise!) will make a guest appearance in the game :D!

The campaign has only a week left and this is a game that you won’t regret owning!