Ch4 page 63
Posted August 10, 2016 at 12:04 am

Hey friends!
It's decided!

In about a month, after Ch4 is finished and while I prepare for Ch5, we're having an OPEN-VOTE AWAKEN FANART CONTEST!
I'll give a little prize and feature 3 winners, so you can start sketching your ideas already :)
Entries must be 700px wide x 1050px height, and they can be whatever you want, just not porn or gore, please! Let's keep it classy and friendly.
Multiple entries are allowed and I'm also allowing pieces that have been done recently,with no contest purposes, in case you have one :)

Basically, I'm inviting you to share your artwork and help me pick as a community,the 3 lucky peeps who'll get a little something in return :D

I'll share more about the judging system and how/when to submit your pieces when we're getting closer to the date.