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Posted March 6, 2017 at 12:01 am

End of Chapter 5!!
Thank you so much for your company throughout Masks pt2 :) I hope you've enjoyed the chapter and all of our newly formed "friendships"!

I'll be taking a break of 2 and a half weeks where I'll polish the script and prepare chapter 6.
I'm really excited to get to this part of the story - CH6 is the end of the first arc!

During the break I'll leave you with a fun intermission of Cian's polaroids to conmemorate our deceased party member  where I'll be adding some pictures of additional scenes and sneak peeks, along with trivia and extra info about the chars.

The intermission will be on a different schedule and starts on Thursday!!
See you then!

Intermission schedule:
Thu 9 Mar: Polaroid1
Mon 13 Mar: Polaroid2
Thu 16 Mar: Polaroid3
Mon 20 Mar: Polaroid4
Thu 23 Mar: Polaroid5

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