Ch9 page 19
Posted August 26, 2019 at 12:00 am

It's thursday and I still feel like shit. it's apparently gastroenteritis and should be over during the weekend.
If I recover properly, the next comic update will be on Monday.

Thanks for your patience and kind words <3

I've decided I'm skipping wednesday's update guys. I'm really sorry about the irregular updates lately, but I've passed from a bad cold, to food poisoning these past 5 days, and I'm really exhausted, sleepless, and struggling to keep up with the triweekly schedule. 
I hope you understand!

I'll do my best to rest and come back with more energy on Friday!

See you then!

PS: I've already mentioned this when the chapter was starting, but if you feel like a re-read, it could really come in handy for the current chapter!

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