Happy 10 Years of Awaken!
Posted February 12, 2024 at 12:00 am

Kinda sucky this update didn't land exactly on the 10th of february, but ooof!
A decade old!

Awaken started as my night job/ passion-project when I was working as an animator by day, fresh out of college, and it's been a labor of love and soul-seeking exercise ever since.

This story has gone through so many changes since its very first conception (it had elves in it and was about finding objects of power hidden through the world!) that it's hard to call it the same story, but a few of the core elements remain, and it's in those that I feel one can see what makes my heart beat as an author.

Awaken has a pretty slow paced, deceptive narrative, that plays with the form of a shonen action comic, but delves deeper into character develpoment and motivation, leaving a lot of room for interpretation and introspection, in the way that I would have wanted to see more of in fantastic other-wordly narratives back then. I've always been drawn and fascinated by the exploration of the hidden and unseen, and this story aims to reflect that in the human scale and also in its setting and worlbuilding.
It takes time and patience to develop and share something that's not handed out directly, which makes it much more humbling, heart-warming and empowering too, to know that somebody else is here, following and enjoying this story, with me.

Thank you so much for all the time and attention you've given to Awaken, and for the support and encouragement you've given me through the years <3
There's a lot more years to come, webcomic-making is a slow and personal process, and I hope to still have you here keeping me company as the story moves forward!

Much love, friends!
Happy Awaken's 10th birthday!

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