Intermission Lilly wonders 2
Posted June 6, 2022 at 12:00 am

Teresa is not a bad cook, but her style is more focused in community food, than individual dishes.
Efficient, conservative and tried-and-true style, very Teresa like.

As for other possible cooks in the ship... Cian so far is the only that has shown any form of skill... even if it's just for following instructions to a tee.

Lily: Clumsy and she's sort of those people who mixes anything without any regards and seems to lack taste buds.
V: I think she wouldn't be bad, but ultimately she doesn't like it.
Roldao: He'd be ok taste wise, but has 0 technique.
Nyl: 0 technique, 0 art, 0 taste buds.
Adelhaide: She could cook, but she would only do it with the expensive ingredients that she likes. Yes, the ones the Athena can't afford.

Until friday!