Intermission Lilly wonders 4
Posted June 13, 2022 at 12:00 am

People were wondering if Lilly could show us how the crew reacts to touchy-feelyness... AND SHE CAN!
... except when she'd rather not.

I think Cian and Teresa are people that will allow some touch, but not overly done, not for too long.
Roldao, Piras and Nyl, are fine with it, in different levels of casualness.
Zo... doesn't really initiate ever, but she tries to seem normal and reciprocate.
V doesn't like it and will cover from it and push away, Adelhaide will stop you and redirect, and Faen...
I imagine Faen has an aura around him of "dont touch me ever" which people are usually pretty good at feeling.

(also, emotional support Piras, Faen can be scary)