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Posted June 15, 2020 at 12:00 am

Triweekly updates are back!  (ALSO SMALL EDIT TO THE PAGE)

Also I want to address something since I too often trust my work will speak for me, and I rarely directly share my views on things but - it's been brought to my attention that I sometimes should. I'm an artist from Chile, a country with its own issues and discrimination, but most of you, readers, are from USA, so I'll do my best here to speak with humility and from the place that I feel intersects with what I am and do.

I believe it's part of a creator's job to address the social, emotional, human matters that affect society. I'm not of the thought that artists only make pretty or entertaining stuff, and since I started working on my own stories it's been a mission I set for myself to make the world a slightly better place with the message my work embodies. I believe in what I want to say with my comic.

Awaken is a comic that encourages the expression of identity, individuality and self-realization. That said, if you can't treat the individual next to you with the same respect, integrity and understanding you expect yourself, you're doing it wrong. If you're unable and unwilling to try and empathize with the many individuals who form a collective identity that's hurting, you're doing it wrong. Don't turn a blind eye on the people that need to be seen now and that you're in a position to see. I support BLM and I believe we all can and must help in stopping what, until now, has been a history of violence and injustice for black people.

Let's grow more empathetic, more conscious and more responsible, for ourselves and others.

Racist comments and hate speech are not allowed in this site, and will be called out and banned.
Thanks a lot for reading!

See you on wednesday, friends!