Intermission: Ripples 101 p4
Posted June 11, 2020 at 08:00 pm

Early page and intermission is over!

Here are the answer to the questions I could reply without spoiling and that weren't already addressed in these intermission pages:

  • "Can the colour of someone's ripples ever change?"
    The colour of someone's ripples changes slightly depending on whether the ability they're using is based on one type or the other, but people don't switch types, they just become more comfortable with their secondary.

  • "Is it possible for animals to be Natural Flux users? Not necessarily as a species but like... Say the biggest of a herd/pack regularly fends off Aberrations somehow; could that critter eventually develop some degree of Flux competence to aid in that?"
    As stated in intermission P1, animals aren't considered Flux users since they don't Ripple consciously nor in a way that has any effect in the outer world. As any living form they do Ripple to a minimal extent, hence they can be, and in large packs effectively are, capable of attracting aberrations, specially if there's no other living form that competes for the aberrations' attention. However there's no register of any animal that has rippled to fend them off or in any considerable way, ever. :(

  • "Can anyone, whatever with training, practice or luck ripple? There is a specific trigger or a list of them, or start rippling can be a random thing?"
    Anyone Ripples to a minor degree (dormants) and everyone can become a Flux user via exposure. Being in contact with other Flux users' direct or indirect Ripples can trigger rippling in bigger amounts and awaken dormants.

  • "How much can a ripples field be extended, be either like Piras naturally or like Zo using anchors?"
    Ch9 P43 pictures some of the hard data collected by Zo so far, on both Ripples' reach and FoA's reach. It depends on many individual and circumstantial factors though (see int2), but the general rule is that T's reach is the smallest, extending to the immediate contact of their Field at 2m in extreme cases, followed by A and then R and lastly C with the largest reach both in Field and Ripples, which Zo documents to be 102m.
    Anchors simply act as if there was another you placed elsewhere, so the reach of it completely depends on how far the anchor is set.

  • "Does the Athena use Flux as a fuel or resource for any of its functions?"
    No, the Athena loads fuel in Cresopia and doesn't use Flux for any of its original functions. Adelhaide enhances the artillery with her Ripples though.

  • "Can Flux be stored outside of a person? Can Flux be transferred between people?"
    Yes, see reservoirs. And yes, that's exactly what some specific abilities are good at doing! I.E: Nyl's mind Zap, R ability! She implants, or transfers, her own ideas into somebody else through the use of Flux.

  • "Also, I can't remember if this has been covered yet, but what is the most common and the rarest type of flux?"
    *Blob Zo cough* Type of Ripples. There isn't a most common nor rarest type, but it is more usual to find 1st level users or naturals outside of Nova, since not many people take the time and training to develop a secondary Ripple type.

    Ch10 starts on monday, see you then friends!