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Posted May 8, 2015 at 09:53 am

Hello, friends!

I'm here to let you know about May's changed schedule. Updates will be twice a week, on Monday and Friday. I'm moving to another city next week, and then I´ll be travelling to yet another city to expose on Comic Con Chile. It will be a heavy month for me so I hope you can understand this little change.

Schedule will go as follows:

May 11: page 48
May 15: page 49
May 18: page 50
May 22: page 51
May 25: page 52
May 29: page 53

June will come with the normal 3 updates per week.

ALSO If you are from Chile, go to Comic Con and look for me! It's the first time I'll be going to one as an artist, and I'm working on lots of posters and goodies :D!