Intermission: Character files - Zo
Posted June 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

*chart better understood by comparison to other chars' charts
Stamina: Health, vitality and levels of energy
Defense: Resistance, physical defense, fluxical defense
Wisdom:  Intuition and theoretical understanding, internalized.
Intelligence: Problem solving and practical knowledge, externalized.
Willpower: Mental resilience and determination
Charisma: Likability, social skills and reputation.
Dexterity: Agility, speed, coordination and fine-tuned skills.
Strenght:  Offensive, physical strength, fluxical strength

Hey friends!
Welcome back to the site and the intermission :)!
I'll be posting the new characters' files over the 3 upcoming weeks, while I prepare for chapter 9, so please keep an eye out every Monday and Friday to get to know more about the Athena's crew!

These will also be updated in a new section specially made to keep the files up-to-date with the latest events of the comics. Check it out, it's got the first batch of files with their respective updates already :D!

See you on Friday~!