Intermission: Polaroid 2
Posted March 13, 2017 at 12:01 am

Polaroid from Ch1, in between scenes.

  • In one of the firsts drafts of Ch1's script. Nyl and Cian invaded Piras' house and made the maids believe they were Piras' classmates visiting him to study for a test. They also took the opportunity to have a proper rich-people-meal.
  • Thanks to Nyl's abilities, Piras' maids remember him being drunk and carrying him to his room. In the case of Vito, the owner of Ch2's van, he remembers driving around while delivering orders with his new employees.
  • Piras can actually hold his liquor pretty well! (Not that it makes any difference in his behavior)
  • Piras lived a big part of his childhood and adolescence with the Audreys. He only returned to his place when he became of legal age and could administrate the Dameschi house. He does so generously.

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