Intermission: Polaroid 3
Posted March 16, 2017 at 12:01 am

Polaroid from Ch2


  • The day of the pic Piras' got 20 mins early to school. He's never been early since he moved from the Audreys' home.
  • Ripples leave trails behind.  In valued objects they last longer. You could say Vicky was rippling for a while there!
  • Cassandra, Piras's ex, can be seen gossiping about Camille and Piras' in the back of Ch2 page 8. She's still Piras' friend, Camille's not so much.
  • Chapter 3 also features one of Piras' exes as an extra, her name is Brittany. She also remained friends with Piras - none of his exes hate him!

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