Intermission: Polaroid 4
Posted March 20, 2017 at 12:01 am

Polaroid from Ch3's unseen scenes!


  • In the last 62 hours of the story Piras has only slept 3 hrs. It was 35 story-hours ago, when he napped in the gym's storage room, after rebuilding the float.
  • Piras had packed a set of clothes in hopes he could go over to the Audrey's if he managed to get Camille to forgive him during the day.
  • Vicky was left hidden in the storage room.
  • Nyl and Cian had been staying in the basement of Vito's Bakery (to Cian's excitement).


Only 1 week until the beginning of Chapter 6 :D!
And it's turning out really good! I've got already 4 of 11 scenes fully scripted and I think you're gonna love them :3! I do!

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